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The Beeler Butt?

Warren Beeler, “Mr. Agriculture” and swine judge extraordinaire, can describe with precision the features he looks for in a hog’s hindquarters. The term “Beeler Butt” is known in swine circles across the country, and Beeler explains why:

“The Beeler Big Butt theory came about as result of me using more expressive-muscled hogs than other judges in the shows at that time. We knew from years of carcass work here in Kentucky that as muscle increased, fat decreased. Therefore, I started selecting hogs with more muscle and the best indicator of muscle was the hams of the hog. A description might be two basketballs stretched more like footballs.  

“Muscle that was too round usually ended with a hog short-hipped and lacking feet and leg soundness. The ideal in the show ring was extreme yet complete and complete would always limit how extreme. Therefore, as result of using big-ham hogs in the shows, the social media labeled me Big Butt Beeler.  Some probably exaggerated it, but it was true that if you wanted to lose quickly with Beeler judging, just bring him a hog with light-muscled hams. They found a home near the bottom of the class.”

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