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Graham Shelby

Contributing Writer

Graham Shelby grew up in Lexington though he spent most of his childhood weekends visiting relatives in eastern Kentucky. Today, he lives in Louisville with his wife and three sons and frequently drives them to visit some of those same relatives, especially the family home-place in Clay County.

Family is theme in many of Graham’s dozens of published essays, as are health, food, travel, sports, veterans’ issues and all things Kentucky. In his 25-year writing and public radio career, he’s worked with NPR, Salon, Forbes, A Prairie Home Companion, The Moth Radio Hour and Reader’s Digest.

Graham is also a professional storyteller who performs on stages throughout Kentucky and beyond. His one-man show, “The Man on TV,” tells the story of how he met his birth father, a former Green Beret whom Graham first saw at age 12 when his father appeared on the CBS Evening News.

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