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Meghan Cain-Davis

Contributing Writer

Meghan Cain-Davis is a Kentucky native recently transplanted in Boston. She has her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky and her masters of public administration from Eastern Kentucky University. She is a freelance writer and nonprofit consultant who spends her days helping nonprofits serve their clients more efficiently by building performance management infrastructures and data collection tools. She also writes memoir-type and exploratory stories about the adventures of making the most out of life on her blog, The Short Life.

Her favorite thing to do is smile and make the people around her laugh. She also loves to explore and learn, spending most of her time reading in coffee shops, practicing yoga, traveling to new cities, and experimenting with new skills like digital marketing, wood burning, ballet, and cross stitch. Her most recent endeavor is attempting to a cook a mostly plant-based diet with her husband.

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