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Tracey Teo

Contributing Writer

Tracey Teo is a freelance travel and food writer based in Indiana that contributes to a number of magazines and newspapers around the country. She always welcomes the opportunity to write about her home state of Kentucky. She regularly covers other parts of the South as well, and has written many stories about the food and culture of Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans.

Occasionally, her travels take her to far flung parts of the globe. In recent years, she has had the privilege of riding an elephant in Thailand, photographing lions in Africa, strolling through ancient temples in Bali and eating spicy street food in Malaysia.

A bit of fashionista, Tracey loves trying out local styles, no matter how exotic. She had a cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress, custom made in Beijing and a sari tailored for her in the Little India neighborhood of Penang, Malaysia.

Her favorite shopping town is right here in the U.S. New Orleans has boutiques that sell the vintage-inspired dresses she loves.

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