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Give Me October

Sadly, this is the last of three columns that David Dick submitted before his death on July 16. We are printing them posthumously because we felt it would be a disservice to David and to you, his loyal readers who have admired and encouraged him over the past 21 years, not to.

We welcome tributes to David Dick and we will print as many as we have room for through December, beginning this month on page 14. Tell us what David and his column have meant to you by writing to David Dick Tribute, P.O. Box 32170, Louisville, KY 40232, or submit it online at

OCTOBER, that golden-faced month that rolls around with a mind of its own. October doesn’t understand all the latest technological hoops and jingle-jangles, so we correspond as best we can.

Dear October:
We have been waiting for you and trust that all’s well that begins to end well. This November and December hold the usual promises of pleasure. So, let’s not mess around with them too much. We’ve seen new drumsticks of communication come and go, but too much cannot be said for keeping the days of October as simple as you please. We ask no reprieve for the annual character building.

We will try to forgive those who don’t see or appreciate the colors in which you now dress our summer green surroundings. October, you present us with a riot of topaz, garnet, and amber hues in chrysanthemums, coxcombs, and pumpkins that help grace the table set for a more delicious Thanksgiving blessed by the joys of mahogany-colored sorghum and old ham and beaten biscuits.

Far too many look upon beaten biscuits as mistakes, but here on Plum Lick we know that joy comes in small, enriching packages. Buttery pocketbook rolls and creamy turkey gravy are savory treasures to come.

And we need to thank the turkey, who makes the supreme sacrifice.

The 10th month of each year is a signal time for improved understanding. There seems now to be a time of waiting and watching so that a good life has a better life to flower.

Just so you’ll know, I’ve never before written a letter to a special month, nor have I ever seen such a letter written by anyone. True, grammatical errors can always occur, and better expressions can come from the heart of hearts, the prayer of prayers, each breath taken.

This just may be the right time to become a better member of the human race. This is definitely not hard labor on the rock pile, nor is it trying to break open new levels of love.

The native American fossil by our kitchen window is a constant reminder that there will be many days left to savor. Those who have gone before could only imagine the depth of our desire to live a long, long time.

In the distant past, you, October, have been taken for granted but now here we come, bearing you alms and thanks so richly deserved. Too much celebration has been heaped upon traditional times, and we do not wish for this special month to be treated shabbily. Give me one October month to match the beauty of the seasons to come.

David Dick

P.S. I’ll be writing again from time to time to be sure we stay in touch.

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