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My Husband Has Become Interested In The Large “basket Variety”…

Olivia Asked

My husband has become interested in the large “basket variety” gourds. After finding a Web site (and losing it) I have had no luck finding him seeds for the kinds he wants. We have some long-neck ones growing but they are too young for harvesting this year. He wants to make birdhouses. I would be more interested in the kind to make bowls from. How do we find the seeds for these?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Olivia: I believe what you are looking for is Lagenaria siceraria, commonly known as bottle or birdhouse gourds. Varieties of Lagenaria are grown specifically for containers. These annual seeds can be planted from March through May. They usually take 12-21 days to germinate and between 120-150 days to harvest, so the sooner you can get them in the ground the sooner you can harvest them. Starting the seeds indoors is a great way to get a jump start on the growing season. Make sure you have plenty of space in the garden for these vigorous vines. As far as where you can find these seeds, Renee’s Garden is a very reliable source and they offer a crafters’ gourd seed blend. This mixture should satisfy both you and your husband. You can purchase these seeds online by visiting their Web site at
or you can ask your local garden centers to see if they carry Renee’s seeds.

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