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I Believe In Goodness

  Recently I returned from a speaking engagement to learn that our new puppy was missing. Our 7-year-old twins were devastated.

  “Is Daisy gone for good?” they asked. 

  I said I didn’t know, but secretly doubted we would ever see her again.

  I talked to neighbors, posted signs, and called the local radio station. WKNK is owned and operated by a friend who has a show called The Trader, where local residents call in to sell or trade items. 

  Minutes after my plea the phone started ringing. Daisy had been spotted at the grocery store but no one knew what happened to her. Thirty minutes later a man called. He’d found her in the road five miles away. To keep her from getting run over he brought her home. She was in a pen behind his house and I was welcome to pick her up.

  I called my friend at WKNK to thank her.

  “I forget how many nice people there are in the world,” I said.

  “Really? I never do,” she replied. “Out of every 100 people who call us, 99 of them are kind-hearted.”

  She’s right, of course. Why do I forget? Most likely because the 1 percent who cause trouble get the attention.

  So I would like to make it known that I do believe in goodness. I believe there is more light in the world than darkness, and I believe the spirit of Christmas lasts longer than the holiday season. 

  Happy Holidays from Kentucky Living-a place where people and electric power are important. May God bless you and may you always remember a power more important than electricity…the power of love and remembering to believe in it.

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