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Keyword Exclusive – Links To More On Prism

For the past year, The Future of Electricity column has been describing details of the PRISM analysis that shows how to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. This month’s column wraps up that overview. Here are the seven parts of the PRISM plan and a reference to when each was written about in The Future of Electricity:

Energy Efficiency
“Steps to Energy Efficiency,” September 2007
“Electricity: The Next Generation,” December 2007

Distributed Energy Resources
Smaller, dispersed power sources such as wind and solar:
“Putting the Wind to Work,” June 2008
“Can the Sun Power Your Kentucky Home?” August 2008

Renewable Fuels
“Why Renewable Fuels Can’t Solve All Our Energy Problems,” January 2008
“Green Power in the Bluegrass,” February 2008
“Putting the Wind to Work,” June 2008
“Here Comes the Sun,” July 2008
“Can the Sun Power Your Kentucky Home?” August 2008

Advanced Coal Generation
“Extreme Makeover-Coal Edition,” March 2008

Carbon Capture & Storage
“The Quest to Capture Greenhouse Gases and Bury Them,” April 2008

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
“Fill ’er Up With Kilowatts,” May 2008

Nuclear Power
“New Nukes,” September 2008

Read the October 2008 THE FUTURE OF ELECTRICITY column that goes along with this supplement.

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