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Supplement to “Study Tips for All Ages”

Study Skills Memory Principles
Dr. Carolyn Hopper’s Web site explains how our memory works—and how to make it work even better.

Family Education
This Web site has worksheets and activities for parents and kids from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Teaching Study Skills
The National Association of School Psychologists gives parents tips on how to help with homework.

National PTA
Resources to help parents get involved in their children’s education.

A+ Parents: Help Your Child Learn and Succeed in School, by Adrienne Mack (McBooks Press, 1997) Helps parents of children ages 4-8 get them off to a good start.

How to be School Smart: Super Study Skills, by Elizabeth James and Carol Barkin (HarperTrophy, 1998) Written for kids ages 9-12 and filled with upbeat tips.

Learning to Learn: Strengthening Study Skills and Brain Power, by Gloria Frender (Incentive Publications, 2004) Helps high school and college students understand the learning process, and is a great resource for parents of younger students.

To read the Kentucky Living September 2005 feature that goes along with the supplement, click here: Study Tips for All Ages

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