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For a real-life experience of the story of Christ’s birth, head to Somerset to see Journey to Bethlehem. You’ll meet a host of angels, shepherds and their flock, a tax collector, Mary, David, and Jesus, just to name a few, and see firsthand what Bethlehem and Jerusalem might have looked like more than 2,000 years ago.

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church members and others present this unique drive-through nativity scene, which attracts thousands of people in vehicles who make this a meaningful part of their traditional Christmas celebration each year.

More than 200 people dress authentically, with the men growing their beards for many months, representing traders, blacksmiths, and tax collectors. You’ll also see many live animals such as sheep, donkeys, llamas, and a camel as part of the scenes.

Scenes include an angel appearing to Mary and then Joseph; town workers such as the blacksmith, tanner, and carpenter; Caesar Augustus the tax collector; the Bethlehem Inn and stable; shepherds in the fields with the flocks with angels announcing the arrival of the Christ child; Bethlehem’s marketplace area; the temple in Jerusalem; King Herod’s palace; and Calvary where Jesus was crucified.

The free event takes place Friday through Sunday, December 9-11, from 8-9 p.m. To reach the church at 1815 Clifty Road, from Highway 27 visitors should go west on By-Pass Highway 80, turn right on Ringgold Road, and then right onto Wilson Road. Just look for the shepherds at Ringgold and Wilson to direct you.

For more information, please contact Pleasant Hill Baptist Church at (606) 679-3402.

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