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Every Kentuckian has a story from the historic 2009 ice storm that coated the state from west to east, cut off electricity for one of every three people, and took the lives of at least 36.

Frozen State presents these dramatic stories of devastation and recovery in words and pictures from those who lived and worked through the state’s worst-ever natural disaster. Kentucky Living, the magazine of the electric co-ops in the state, spent the weeks after the storm collecting memories from linemen—the cowboys of the recovery—as well as co-op managers, technicians, weather service personnel, and readers.

The result is a comprehensive inside account of natural beauty and destruction, utility worker grit, and communities rallying to rebuild hundreds of miles of flattened power poles and lines. Frozen State tells those stories in almost 200 color photographs, submissions from readers, and even poetry.


  • Softbound, 100 pages including cover
  • Nearly 200 color photos from all across Kentucky
  • Co-op member stories and poem
  • Storm safety and preparedness tips

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