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I Live In Kentucky And Want To Plant Perennials That…

Sharma Asked

I live in Kentucky and want to plant perennials that will come up every year, but don’t want hybrids because so many times they didn’t come back the next year. I hear that hybirds are unreliable. What are some great perennials I could plant in my garden with sucess?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Sharma: A hybrid is a cross between two parent plants. This happens both naturally and with the help of humans. When we create hybrids, the parents are intentionally picked because of their admirable characteristics, and then one plant is created that has good attributes from each parent. The hybrid perennials that you will find in any reputable garden center are there because they are reliable, disease-resistant plants. Although these hybrids may not come true to seed, they are still well worth planting in the garden. There are many reasons for plant failure but I would not suspect that the reason for plant failure is due to it being a hybrid. Choosing the right plant for the right space is essential in being a successful gardener. You will want to consider the available sunlight, soil conditions, and preferences that you have in terms of color, height, etc. If you give me more details of your garden I will be happy to give you specific suggestions. For now visit
. These links are publications from the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service in collaboration with research universities that have detailed lists of perennials that are all good choices for perennial gardens here in Kentucky. The list includes both hybrids and species.

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