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Does A Foxtail Fern Take Direct Sunlight?

Madonna Asked

Does a foxtail fern take direct sunlight?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Madonna: When we think of ferns we usually relate them to a shade garden. Some ferns can handle more sun than others and the foxtail fern (Asparagus meyeri) falls into this category. This fern is considered a tropical for those of us gardening in Kentucky, but in your garden it may be considered hardy. I think you are gardening in zone 8 but check with your county Cooperative Extension Service to be certain. This fern is hardy to zone 9 so it may be marginal in your garden. It has wonderful structure and is grown for its unusual foliage. It certainly can handle the full sun but the ideal location would be in a space where it is protected from the hot afternoon sun. Morning sun and afternoon shade would be ideal. If it is currently growing in the shade you will want to gradually acclimate it to the full sun so it does not burn. They are low maintenance in terms of water and will tolerate most soil conditions. If necessary this plant can be brought indoors and overwintered quite easily. I have seen this fern growing in a face planter, very fun!

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