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Picturing History

James L. Crow, renowned international equine artist and Inter-County Energy Co-op member, revealed his 8×12-foot acrylic mural at the renovated Lancaster Grand Theatre in April. The mural, consisting of 4×8 vertical panels, depicts Garrard County historical venues from the Paint Lick area. It includes: Uncle Tom’s cabin, Kennedy plantation house, Thoroughbred racing, tobacco cutting, Indian hunting deer, Fort Paint Lick, and a fox-hunting scene featuring Walker Fox Hounds, which were developed in the area. “I took artistic license for colors because photos from the day are all black and white,” Crow explains. “But in general the spirit is accurate and I enjoyed learning about the rich history.” Arts Council President Jean Turner, a retired teacher and granddaughter of George Washington Maupin, who helped develop the Walker Fox Hounds, commissioned Crow for the work. It is the first of four, possibly five, murals envisioned by Turner to depict Garrard County history. Photo: Karla Sefcak


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