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Planning Season

Good things rarely just happen; they take planning.

Like summer, for example.

The weeks from Memorial Day to Labor Day are supposed to be for slowing down, re-energizing, and making memories. But most of us know that for dreams to come true, you�ve got to make the reservations and gas up the car.

Each April, Kentucky Living focuses on travel because it�s a perfect way to celebrate the state, and because you might like some help with your summer getaway plans.

What�s more summery than summer camp? And if you haven�t made your summer camp arrangements yet, you�d better get moving.

To ease your planning chores, you�ll find a sampling of camps around Kentucky in this issue, along with contact information. If you haven�t followed the camp scene lately, you�ll want to read the feature �Greetings from Camp Cool.� You�ll learn that summer camps these days specialize in everything from aviation to zoos.

And in this issue, we�ll take you to the edge�of Kentucky, that is. As you travel the state, you�ll find things don�t always stop at the border�to people in Bowling Green, Nashville can mean more than Louisville. So �On the Edge� visits attractions that might wander across the river to Indiana or over the mountains to West Virginia.

The state parks are all ours, though, and that�s a lot to be proud of. There�s so much there it sometimes seems hard to sort out which one to visit. The state parks guide will help you plan your summer.

You�ll also find an important report on plans of a different sort. Earlier this year, state officials released an energy strategy for Kentucky. What happens to energy affects all of us, and electric cooperatives need to pay special attention to what the plan will mean for our low rates and high level of electric service. You�ll find a report on that strategy, as well as a commentary by Ron Sheets, president of the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives, which publishes this magazine.

So whether you want to get involved in state energy policy, or schedule your summer, plan to enjoy Kentucky Living.

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