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Time Capsule: 50 Years Ago In Kentucky Living

Kentucky farmers annually reap a harvest of “tourist dollars” as the result of a rapidly growing recreational farming program. Marginal and sub-marginal farmland and additional acres not required for agricultural production are being profitably shifted to recreational farming, thereby providing the farmer with a supplemental income…

Forty-eight districts reported the following privately owned recreational projects: 10 golf courses; 3 tennis courts; 3 archery ranges; 147 pay lakes for fishing with 13 of these having cabins; 4 camping sites; 30 boating facilities; 46 picnic areas, and 15 with swimming facilities; 4 clubs with cooperative hunting agreements; 9 hunting preserves; 3 dog trail runs; 5 skeet shoot ranges; 2 train and board dogs; 13 riding stables; 5 wildlife attractions; 1 deer hunt; 1 wild boar hunt; 3 vacation farms; 3 ball parks; 3 car racing and drag strips; 2 roller rinks; 1 zoo; 1 drive-in theater; and several reporting picnic and hiking areas.

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