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Watermelon Orzo Salad celebrates friends and summer

SO MANY OF MY FAVORITE RECIPES have been in my family for generations or have been made by friends over the years. 

They are cherished dishes that bring a smile to my face and wonderful memories to mind every time I pull out the recipe card. 

Some of our closest friends brought over this watermelon salad about eight years ago for a cookout. It was an instant hit with everyone and something that is now a staple in our home throughout the summer. 

Every time I make it, I think of them and how thankful I am to have them in our lives. Food holds so much more than the ability to sustain our physical bodies. It holds memories and stories that become part of us. 

Watermelon orzo salad is the perfect way to enjoy the abundance of ripe summer melons. Salty feta complements the sweet and juicy watermelon, and the hint of fresh mint from the garden ties it all together. 

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