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Dumplings & Dancing at Hindman Settlement School

For more than 100 years, the Hindman Settlement School has been tucked into the hills of Knott County, providing education to families in eastern Kentucky, but always adapting to local needs and maintaining the vitality of the region’s cultural heritage.

It’s natural, then, to hold a celebration of traditional music and local food in what school program director Brett Ratliff dubs a Dumplin’s & Dancin’ event, September 11–13. He says the dumplin’s in the title refer to food in general, including a Saturday feast of locally produced meat and produce. In addition, there will be cooking classes taught by the likes of Lexington-area chef Ouita Michel, and hunting for edible species in the surrounding woods and clearings.

Square dances are scheduled both nights, along with daytime dancing workshops. The event runs concurrently with Hindman’s annual gingerbread festival, leaving ample time for exploring the festival’s own food and fun. And, of course, there will be dumplings. Chef Michel’s favorite recipe is one made with fluffy dumplings. You will be happy if you double the gravy recipe.

More info on Dumplin’s & Dancin’ at under “Events”.

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