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Local, healthy beef

Grass-fed cattle make for a healthier meal

Grass-fed beef doesn’t always grab the interest of the average consumer, but those who swear by its healthful qualities and good taste are devoted to it.

Toby and Debby Dulworth
Toby and Debby Dulworth. Photo: Alex Mih

Debby and Toby Dulworth, who run Dogwood Farm in LaCenter, in far western Kentucky, have grass-finished their Hereford herd for decades. The cattle are rotated daily through a series of fenced paddocks, grazing down one area before moving to the next, which allows the forage to grow back and the cattle to get the most nutritious feed.

Grass-finished beef is higher in good fats, and lower in fat overall, than grain-fed beef. Even the bones are restorative, says Debby, who suffers from a chronic digestive disorder. “Bone broth fixes me,” she says.

Beef is only available locally, they do not ship, from Dogwood Farm by the whole or half by contacting Their ground beef is available at Heath Health, 3530 Lone Oak Rd., Paducah, KY 42003, (270) 534-4977.

Cooking Tips:
• The secret to healthful bone broth, says Debby, is letting the bones rest in the water with a little bit of vinegar. Add just enough water to cover the bones, and add ¼ C Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar. A typical recipe for bone broth is on epicurious.

• To make Beef-and-Basil Tomato Soup in a Florentine style, add a cup or two of fresh chopped spinach along with the tomato puree or juice.

• You can serve this Beef-and- Basil Tomato Soup as a topping over rice or pasta, if you wish.

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