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Are you prepared?

Make a plan now for when severe weather strikes

Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

In the electric industry this is very true. Your cooperative regularly makes plans to rebuild electric lines, remove or prune dangerous trees that could disrupt your electric service, and increase energy capacity to meet future growth.

Electric utilities are also constantly updating emergency response plans and storm restoration practices. This time of year in Kentucky, we are often plagued with high winds, tornadoes, hail, and dangerous lightning. As your cooperative prepares to respond to natural disasters, I would like to remind you of a few things that you should do to prepare for severe weather, as well.

First, make sure you have a place to go in the event of a tornado. A basement or the interior of your home is what the experts recommend. During any thunderstorm, seek shelter in a safe place. Driving and watching these storms is very dangerous. Hundreds of people die every year from these storms.

Are you prepared in the unfortunate event severe weather causes a loss of electrical service? Double-check that you have a flashlight with fresh batteries, or one that is crank-powered. Water and a first-aid kit are also essential.

Secondly, please plan ahead for the coming summer heat.

This is the time of year when you need to check the performance and operation of the cooling system in your home. When your system is not properly maintained, it can be unhealthy for your family and cost you money. When airflow is restricted, your air-conditioning system may work overtime trying to keep your house comfortable.

Your electric cooperative has energy experts available to answer your questions about storm preparation, emergency planning, and properly maintaining your home energy systems.

Cooperatives believe in Ben Franklin’s systematic approach to accomplishing goals. It is important for all of us to prepare for the events that may happen this spring and summer.

One final word of caution: if you feel like flying a kite, leave it to Ben Franklin and the history books if there is electricity in the air.

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