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Beautify the Bluegrass: Tips for submitting your project

To help our voters truly understand how you made your community shine, we have put together a list of questions we recommend that you answer in your description. While you are certainly welcome to go beyond this list, we suggest including the following information:

1.         How long did it take to complete your project?

2.         What is your project? 

3.         Who was involved in this project? How many volunteers helped bring the project to life?

4.         Why did you decide to beautify this particular part of your community? 

5.         How will this project benefit others in your community?

6.         Discuss the stages of the project, how much time was involved in each, etc. 

7.         What was your overall goal in taking on this project? 

Below is an example of a project that uses the above questions as a guide:

Title of Project: Kentucky Living Park Restoration        

Location: Kentucky Living, KY

Group/Organization: KYL Community Church

Description: Over the last month, 13 volunteers from KYL Community Church pitched in to bring the Kentucky Living Park Restoration to life. We recruited volunteers for the project by including a feature in our weekly newsletter and had a good amount of interest. We began by having an initial planning meeting to decide what area we wanted to beautify. We decided restoring Kentucky Living Park would best benefit our community. This park used to be the pride of Kentucky Living, Kentucky when it served as a place for the community to gather. Over the years, the landscaping has become overgrown and the playground has rusted and deemed unsafe for use.

We wanted to restore the park to make it a place where residents of all ages could come to enjoy the outdoors.  We devised an action plan to hold a community fundraiser and raise money to fund our restoration project. On March 13, 10 of our church members plus three of their relatives met at the park and got to work. Billy Jones, a church member, lent his landscaping expertise and instructed our team how to uproot the old landscaping and insert the new landscaping.

That afternoon, the new playground was delivered, and we put the final landscaping touches on the project. We hosted a grand opening barbecue and had 45 people in attendance when our local city commissioner cut the ribbon. 

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