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Beautify the Bluegrass project checklist

Use the checklist below as an easy guide to completing your Beautify the Bluegrass project.

  • Gather your group! (Family, Work, Community Group, Church, etc.)
  • Find a public space in your town that you can bring to life through cleaning up, repairing, or enhancing.
  • Don’t forget to snap a few BEFORE pictures to track your progress. For the most optimal results, take your BEFORE and AFTER photos from the same angle. Note: If you choose to use a filter, make sure to use the same for both!
  • Post your BEFORE photos along with a description of the project on social media using the hashtag #beautifyKY. 
  • Now it’s time to “beautify”! Capture your progress by taking photos along the way. Make sure to share your photos on social media and use the the hashtag #beautifyKY.
  • Submit your entry by 6 pm EST on June 25, 2020.Entries must include BEFORE and AFTER photos in order to be considered.

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