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Common Cents

While you were growing up, you were no doubt told to close the door rather than heat the whole outside.

It�s against the kids� code to admit that parents might be right. But we knew, even as we were being scolded, we were hearing common-sense wisdom.

We�re hearing similar advice these days, in more modern forms. Messages to save energy beam from broadcast media and populate the Internet. Even our familiar grocery stores offer reusable bags.

We still know that being more efficient is the right thing to do. But now we know that it is really just another term meaning being more productive. Or saving money.

Every month, this magazine offers advice on how you can save on energy. While Kentucky Living would never claim to be as smart or insightful as your parents, it can (and does) serve up a regular variety of ideas and techniques for actually making a difference in your use of energy.

This month�s Gadgets & Gizmos column reminds you about the importance of deadlines for energy-efficiency tax credits. If you�re considering a major installation like an air conditioner, a little financial planning can save you large amounts of money.

And watch next month for the second annual Kentucky Living Energy Guide, which will have dozens of ideas for saving money on your energy bill.

For those of you with do-it-yourself know-how, the Cutting Costs column regularly describes energy-efficiency projects and ideas. This month, find out about efficiently improving your home with a sliding glass door.

If you missed a column, or you think we might have covered an energy-efficiency topic you want to learn about (we probably have), go to and type the subject you�re looking for in the �Article Search� box.

Kentucky Living offers energy saving tips as a way to help you make the best use of your home and business resources. Home efficiency steps can also raise the productivity of your local electric cooperative utility.

So settle in with a copy of this or any of your Kentucky Livings and save some energy. You know your parents would want you to. 🙂

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