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Saving Owls And Supporting Students

Pole homes for owls
“This was a great opportunity for environmental stewardship,” says Josh Young, a biologist with East Kentucky Power Cooperative. The cooperative recently collaborated with Inter-County Energy, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and the Kentucky Department of Parks to install three utility poles topped with owl boxes at Perryville Battlefield State Park.

The boxes will help preserve one of only 48 known pairs of nesting barn owls in Kentucky by providing them a home away from predators. Young says the project is similar to East Kentucky Power Co-op’s bat and falcon box projects, which also help save Kentucky’s rare winged species.

Education leader
Providing college scholarships, taking hundreds of young people on the Washington Youth Tour, and delivering presentations at area schools are three reasons South Kentucky Rural Electric Co-op was honored with an AppLE award (Appalachian Leaders in Education) from Forward in the Fifth.

“In each of the communities it serves, South Kentucky is a leader by extending opportunities for its employees to serve as members of local school boards, Family Resource Youth Services Center Advisory Councils, and school-based decision-making councils,” says Jim Tackett, executive director of Forward in the Fifth. “Casey, Clinton, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell, and Wayne counties are proud to call South Kentucky RECC a true partner in education.”

Quality time with students
Ten high school seniors and their parents got to talk with members of the board of directors for Grayson Rural Electric Co-op during the cooperative’s second Scholarship Luncheon. Each of the students also received a $1,000 scholarship, a plaque, and a certificate.

“It is important for the cooperative to support education and strengthen the relationship we have with our leaders of tomorrow,” says Carol Hall Fraley, president and CEO of Grayson Rural Electric Co-op. “Through this luncheon we extend our appreciation not only to the students but to the parents of these fine young people.”

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