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Owen Electric linemen finish in Haiti

Left to right- Matt Greenlee, Josh Hearn, Robert Dalton (NRECA International), Orman Glass.
Haitian crews moving a pole to set.

Owen Electric linemen recently returned from Haiti, where they spent three weeks working as a part of the co-op’s partnership with NRECA International.

Josh Hearn writes: During our time spent in Haiti most of our work was done in and around Tru Du Nord and Lava Los, an area about 15-20 minutes from the compound. The one exception was the three days we spent in the beautiful mountains of Saint-Suzanne. During this time, we helped set the 25-30 poles needed to complete the project, string primary and secondary cable, and hang the remaining transformers. When we left, the project was ready for the meter sets, which would put electric in about 100 more homes.

Our time working with the Haitian crews were fun, but  “Safety” was stressed to all of them in quite detail. We continued to bring it up, hoping in return they would remember it when we leave so they can return home the same way they came to work. All crew members were excited to learn our way of doing things and were eager to accept the new challenge.

Read about Owen’s linemen while in Haiti.

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