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Providing more than electricity 

AHEAD OF NEXT MONTH’S Best in Kentucky issue of Kentucky Living, we are excited to present the Best in Kentucky awards show. This special video is again hosted by Miss America 2000 Heather French Henry and premieres at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on August 17 on Kentucky Living’s Facebook and YouTube social media channels. 

The show will include the announcement by Gov. Andy Beshear of the finalists for the Governor’s Award in our Beautify the Bluegrass campaign. For the sixth straight year, Kentucky Electric Cooperatives and this flagship publication are partnering with the governor’s office to Beautify the Bluegrass by recognizing beautification efforts in communities across the commonwealth. 

What do these efforts have to do with the service of your local electric cooperative? Simply put, safe, at-cost and reliable electricity are your co-op’s responsibility, but at the heart of its mission is a dedication to improving the quality of life in the communities it serves. 

The Best in Kentucky awards are not just a popularity contest; they serve to highlight and promote the people, places and events in our local communities. I hear from many people who say they use Kentucky Living and Best in Kentucky to plan day and weekend trips across our diverse and beautiful commonwealth. We truly are fortunate to live in Kentucky. 

Meanwhile, many efforts to improve our local communities do not get the attention they deserve. Chances are, we are all aware of beautification projects such as litter clean-up on roadways or waterways, amateur gardeners weeding, planting or rehabbing public areas, or business owners joining forces with residents to paint over graffiti or sponsor a mural that brims with hometown pride. 

If you are aware of such an effort, we need your help to make sure we also know about them. You have until August 5 to nominate local beautification efforts by visiting Submissions can include existing projects performed since August 2021. 

Our co-ops provide all your electricity needs, but their mission since inception has always been about more than that, because they are cooperatives— not-for-profit, member-owned businesses driven by values. Co-ops were formed by groups of people to meet a common need. 

Kentucky Living is published to improve the quality of life for a community of people who take pride in thinking of themselves as Kentuckians and knowledgeable electric co-op consumer-members.

Thank you for reading Kentucky Living and letting us know what you most enjoy about this publication.

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