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Calvert City Drive-In | Concessions a draw 

Steve Harrington, co-owner of the Calvert Drive-In in Calvert City, grew up at his family’s drive-in. His parents built it in 1953 and the family has operated it ever since then. The drive-in is served by Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative. 

Calvert Drive-In has made a name for itself through its concession stand. A quick scroll through reviews on Tripadvisor reveal that their cheeseburgers are worth the trip no matter what movie is playing. 

While tourists are always welcome, locals tend to make up the crowd at rural drive-ins. Harrington says one secret to the longevity of drive-ins is the multigenerational appeal. Older residents remember attending the drive-in as kids and can’t wait to share that experience with their children or grandchildren. 

“I’ve seen customers that I remember as little babies and now they bring their grandkids to the drive-in,” Harrington says. 

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