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Eat fresh at The Farm Kitchen 

Shelbyville restaurant serves farm-raised meats

WHEN DAISY AND PAUL HAMILTON decided to open a restaurant based on their farm-raised meats, they had a vision for the atmosphere. They wanted to create a place where guests could come in and feel like family. “We just wanted to love on our community,” Daisy Hamilton says. 

If a packed parking lot and five-star online reviews are any indication, customers are feeling the love. Farm-fresh meats, made-from-scratch recipes and a welcoming environment have made The Farm Kitchen in Shelbyville a favorite with locals and visitors alike since it opened in March 2022. Located at 6562 Frankfort Road in Shelbyville, The Farm Kitchen is open for breakfast and lunch, 6 a.m.–2 p.m. Tuesday–Saturday. 

For breakfast, guests can enjoy bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy, pancakes and occasional specials like French toast and cinnamon rolls. For lunch, it’s farm-fresh hamburgers or specials like fried pork chops and roast beef sandwiches, along with homemade sides and desserts like banana pudding and strawberry shortcake. Everything’s made from scratch, and the beef, pork and chicken—also available for purchase—are raised on the Hamiltons’ farm, served by Shelby Energy. 

Hamilton says the restaurant involves the whole family, including their seven kids, ages 4–18, as well as Hamilton’s sisters. The kids use the dining room as a homeschool classroom during the early morning hours and help around the restaurant throughout the day. 

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