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A symphony of plants

Add Mohawk viburnum to your garden orchestra

The garden always amazes me. There are so many wonderful plants to choose from. By wonderful I mean plants that are resilient, tolerant, beautiful, colorful, and fragrant.

Whether you only have one plant or 100, there are a few plants that are worth repeating; one of them is Mohawk viburnum. There are lots of viburnums to choose from and each has its own unique characteristics to consider before planting.

Mohawk viburnum, shown above, has a relatively compact growth habit in comparison to most viburnums. It grows 5 to 8 feet tall and equally wide. Its foliage is medium to dark green with a touch of shine, and in the fall it turns a wonderful orange to red. This viburnum responds well to pruning, maintaining it at 4 to 5 feet, and is excellent when grown as a hedge.

The real show is in the flowers. Mohawk viburnum has bright red flower buds that persist before the flowers open white. Once open, a strong, wonderfully spicy fragrance lingers in the garden. The brightly colored flower buds and excellent flowering give Mohawk viburnum a long spring bloom sequence, making it a top pick for many garden spaces.

An incredibly versatile and resilient plant, this particular viburnum will grow in full sun or part shade and is tolerant of either moist soil or dry. I have two Mohawk viburnums in my garden, one in dry shade and one in a moist site with part sun, and both are thriving.

The garden is like a symphony of plants working together. As gardeners, we are responsible for choosing plants that are both appropriate for the location and provide us with joy and beauty. Consider adding Mohawk viburnum to your garden and you will be rewarded with its strength and beauty.

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