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Does Preen Harm Lily Bulbs? I Have Heard That It…

Lewis Asked

Does Preen harm lily bulbs? I have heard that it is not good for narcissus. How else can I keep weeds from invading my lily beds?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Lewis in Virginia: Preen makes a lot of different products, but all of them are safe to use around bulbs as long as the bulbs are buried 3-4 inches deep in the soil. Preen weed preventer can be applied on top of the soil of newly planted bulbs and any time before the foliage emerges, but after the new growth appears in the spring and as long as the foliage remains, the Preen will have to be carefully applied around your lilies and not on them since it can burn the foliage. Preen organic weed preventer is corn gluten that is a great option if you are looking for something organic to stop weed seeds from germinating. Of course, hand pulling the weeds as soon as you notice them will prevent them from maturing and producing their own seeds. It is impossible to eliminate all weeds from the garden but keeping them under control will help prevent future ones from popping up.

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