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I Have An Angel Trumpet On My Back Porch. There…

Marsha Asked

I have an Angel Trumpet on my back porch. There is very little heat out there. What is the best place and how do I care for it over the winter? It is about 3 feet tall.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Marsha in Indiana: Brugmansia, commonly referred to as Angel Trumpet, is native to South America. This plant is known for its large, fragrant, pendant-like flowers. It is a great container planting for those of us not gardening in the tropics. Of course, we have to treat this plant as a tropical and bring it indoors during the colder months. Ideally your Angel Trumpet should live in a south-facing window or any space in your home that is warm and has bright light. Your Angel Trumpet may not produce many blooms indoors but the idea is to keep it alive, so next spring after the frost-free date for your area passes you can take it back outside. Your watering schedule will depend on the temperature and humidity of your home, but it certainly will not require as much water as it did outdoors. You can cut back on your fertilizing as well. It should only require water every 10-12 days and if you do fertilize, a half-dose strength is best. Next spring when you take your tropical back outside, it is always best to acclimate any tropical back into the full sun. Even if it is in a bright window, it is not the same as being in full sun outdoors. So, start by putting it in the shade and then gradually work it into the full sun.

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