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I Have A Few Icee Blue Yellow Wood And Leaves…

jamie Asked

I have a few icee blue yellow wood and leaves are turning brown and crunchy? Is this too much water or not enough?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Jamie: Podocarpus elongates commonly known as Icee Blue Yellow-wood is a coniferous evergreen that is hardy in USDA zones 9-11. This slow growing plant has blue-green foliage and grows best in full sun to part shade. Although it is slow growing it can reach 15-25 feet tall and wide at maturity. I have no personal experience with this evergreen since I am not gardening in zones 9-11 however from what I have read this plant requires consistent moisture especially during the first year while the roots are becoming established. Even after it has been in the garden for a year or so it will need additional moisture during hot dry weather. From what you have described I would suspect that your plant is not getting enough moisture. Typically when we see evergreens turn brown and the foliage feels crispy this is the case. Unfortunately, when this happens there is little we can do to reverse the process. If the overall health of the plant looks good then you could just prune out the dead and water it well but if the majority of the evergreen has turned brown and crispy there is little you can do to save it. To be certain you can always take a sample to your local nursery/garden center that has a knowledgeable staff or to your County Cooperative Extension Service for the horticulture agent to diagnos.

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