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Is There Any Chemical To Control Weeds In Strawberrries?

Bradley Asked

Is there any chemical to control weeds in strawberrries?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Bradley: Strawberry production can be very rewarding, but as with any fruit they require ongoing maintenance, which involves regular weeding. There is no such thing as a weed-free garden–there is always one hiding somewhere–so it is necessary for the home gardener to also be a part-time weeder. This job can be time-consuming but it is a very important task. Reducing the amount of weeds is necessary because they compete for moisture, nutrition, and sunlight. If not controlled they can take over and eventually be the demise of your fruit. On the brighter side, once they are under control the maintenance will be far less. Identifying the weeds should be your first step in tackling the problem. Having them identified will ensure that you are treating for the correct culprits. You can always take samples to your County Cooperative Extension Service for identification. The Todd County offices are located in the courthouse in Elkton. The phone number for contacting your local agriculture/horticulture agent(s) is (270) 265-5659. Hand pulling and proper mulching techniques will help eliminate weed populations. Any herbicide containing 2,4-D is going to be selective and only kill specific weeds. A nonselective herbicide such as RoundUp will kill most weeds along with anything else it comes into contact with, including your strawberry plants. Corn gluten is a safe product to use as a pre-emeregence herbicide. It will prevent seeds from germinating. If you would like more information on growing strawberries in Kentucky visit

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