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When is best time to spray an Alberta peach tree?

Dale Asked

I would like to know when the best time to spray an Alberta peach tree? Also, what is the best spray to use? I always have issues with worms in the peaches. Otherwise, the peaches are good.
The tree is in bloom now.

The Gardener’s Answer

Worms in peaches can be an indication of a pest known as Plum Curculio. This stone fruit pest first presents itself as a beetle which feeds on the foliage in the spring and then as the fruit develops it burrows into the fruit to lay eggs. After the eggs hatch, larvae develop and feed on the fruit. This is a reoccurring cycle that can lead to further disease problems if not controlled. Before any treatment options can be given, it is necessary to have the problem positively identified. The agriculture or horticulture agent at your County Cooperative Extension

Service will be able to do this for you and give you recommendations for treatment. The Ballard County offices are located at 110 Broadway in La Center. The phone number is (270) 665-9118. Always follow the recommended applications for the product that you choose and wear protective clothing. Avoid spraying on a windy day as most of the liquid will not end up on the tree. Do not spray insecticides while the tree is in bloom. This will harm beneficial insects and bees that are essential for pollination.  A spray program is necessary for pest and disease control for peaches grown in Kentucky. The following site is a publication with detailed information on this subject: Another publication on growing peach trees in Kentucky is found at:

Good sanitation practices are also important in preventing and spreading insect and disease issues. Peaches can be tricky to grow in Kentucky but well worth the effort.

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