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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Fruit Trees In…

Melissa Asked

Where is the best place to buy fruit trees in Kentucky? I am looking into buying about 40.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Melissa in Kentucky: Planting fruit trees is a great way to provide you and your family/friends with healthy, homegrown snacks for many years. Unfortunately, Kentucky is not a state that has growers choosing to grow fruit trees. From a garden center/nursery perspective, we typically purchase them from the northern states as well as some southern states. For any garden center to have the quantity you are looking for, I would suspect this would have to be a special order. You might start by contacting the local garden centers/nurseries in your area to see if this is something they can bring in for you. Otherwise, if you are willing to drive to Louisville, The Plant Kingdom (502) 893-7333 would be happy to special order them for you. The following are a couple of reliable online sources for fruit trees: Starks Bros. in Missouri,
, or TyTy nursery in Georgia, No matter where you purchase your plants, make sure to buy disease-resistant varieties recommended for Kentucky gardeners. If you need a list of these you can visit, or if you would like information on disease/insect control you can visit Both of these are publications available to home gardeners provided by the Extension service in collaboration with the University of Kentucky.

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