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Is There An Indoor Grass We Can Grow For Our…

Howard Asked

Is there an indoor grass we can grow for our cat to eat like cats do outside?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Howard: There are several grasses that can be grown indoors for your cat to enjoy. Most commonly these grasses are rye, oats, barley, and wheat. These easy-to-grow fresh greens will certainly be a favorite with your feline. You may be able to find grass that is already growing, but purchasing a seed packet is certainly more economical and will supply your cat with a few months of greens. Check with your local pet supply store or your local garden center to find seed packets or kits that are already started for you. I know that Renee’s Garden, a seed company, offers a gourmet cat grass seed mix that contains all the grasses mention above. The back of the seed packet will give detailed instructions on how deep to plant the seeds and how long it will take for the seeds to germinate. Grass is fast-growing and usually a couple inches tall in just 10-14 days. Use a sturdy container so the cat cannot knock it over, and make sure it has drainage holes. Place in a sunny window and your cat will thank you! If you want to fertilize, make sure you choose an organic option such as fish emulsion.

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