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I Have An Avatar Spike Moss Plant (selaginella Sp.) That’s…

Jim Asked

I have an avatar spike moss plant (selaginella sp.) that’s really healthy and in a 5 inch pot. How do I trim it ? Or could you tell me a Web site that would have a video on this?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Jim in Oregon: Selaginella, commonly referred to as spike moss or arborvitae fern, looks more like a moss than a fern. These really cool plants are technically fern allies and belong to a genus with more than 700 species. They are very diverse in size and growth habit as well as hardiness and native habitats. It sounds like your plant may be one that has more of a creeping habit than an upright one. Trimming it is fine to keep it a manageable size. Use a pair of gardening scissors or just pinch back the stems to the length you want them to be. These plants are typically slower growers so keep this in mind when cutting it back. Another option would be replanting it into a larger/taller container. The general rule when bumping up a container size is not to go more than 2 inches larger than what it currently is growing in. Choosing a taller container might allow you to keep the plant the size it is now. You are obviously doing a good job keeping your plant happy so I will not go into details about growing conditions, but if you do decide to repot it then remember to keep the soil consistently moist so the roots can establish themselves in their new home.

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