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Since I Live In India My Address Etc Are Not…

akansha Asked

since i live in india my address etc are not detailed, sorry
i got a couple of cacti plants home, i also have a cat and she just took a small bite off the plant. the smell of eucalyptus oil puts her off, im afraid to put a few drops on my cacti to keep her away. is that safe ?

thank you

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Akanasha in India: Cats are notorious for nibbling on house plants and the fact that they can maneuver just about anywhere makes it tricky in terms of plant placement. Keeping the cat and the plants happy and healthy may be the real issue. Some Cacti species are poisonous and if eaten in large quantities can be dangerous but it sounds like your cat was just curious. He/she will learn quickly, especially if the cacti has spines, that it is not edible or fun to play with. As far as using eucalyptus oil, the ASPCA has it listed as toxic to cats so it would make sense that your cat is turned off by it. You should check with your veterinarian to get their opinion. My knowledge is of plants and the oil should not be rubbed on the actual plant but a few drops in the soil; enough to deter your cat, is fine and will not harm your plant. Eucalyptus oil is a common ingredient found in natural deterrent products. As the scent fades you may need to re-apply.

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