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Where Can I Find A List Of What Grafts Are…

David Asked

Where can I find a list of what grafts are compatible with a limelight cypress? We planted some limelight cypress and they seem to get sunburn on the south-facing trunk, so that no branches grow in that direction. Branches around the rest of the trunk are fine. I thought I might graft some other conifer species onto the bare trunk. I have thujas, Italian cypress, redwood, deodar cedar, Atlas cedar, and green arborvitae in my yard.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, David in California: Grafting is a propagation method that growers use to take advantage of certain plant characteristics; not ideal in your situation. Cypress (Cupressus) are typically propagated from seed or cuttings so even if a graft were to take, it would never be vigorous enough to make the evergreens look full and lush again. The real issue is why your cypress are losing their foliage. ‘Limelight’ is a cultivar of Cupressus arizonica: like other members of this genus, they prefer to grow in full sun and well-drained soil. If these are new plantings they may benefit from additional moisture, especially during dry periods. This will prevent sunscald. These plants are subject to cankers in some environments. To rule out any potential insect or disease issues you should take a sample of your cypress to your County Extension Office for the horticulturist agent to look at. You can visit the Santa Clara county Web site at California has such a wide range of growing conditions and so it may be best to talk with someone local to see if they have any other insight.

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