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Let’s See If You Can Help Me Find My Dream…

Brenda Asked

Let’s see if you can help me find my dream indoor tree/plant. I have seen the tree in several office buildings but, of course, no one knows what it is. It has a large pear-shaped leaf, almost leather-like in thickness, bright green coloring, and has a veiny like texture. It is an upright tree and very much like a column. I have only seen it indoors in bright rooms. Any ideas?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Brenda: From what you have described, it sounds like you are wondering about a Ficus lyrata, commonly known as a fiddle-lead fig. This plant can be grown as either a shrub or tree form. Native to the tropics, it is a great low-maintenance houseplant for those of us not living in the tropics. The foliage, although somewhat variable, is like you described, fiddle- or pear-shaped, with a stiff, leathery texture, dark emerald green in color, and attached to a woody stem. The fiddle-leaf fig will grow best in an environment where it will receive moderate to bright light. This tropical is a slow grower, but can reach 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide after many years. Hopefully we are thinking about the same plant. If you are wondering where to purchase one in Louisville, The Plant Kingdom on Westport Road carries this plant. The phone number is (502) 893-7333. If this is not the correct plant I would be happy to identify it from a picture. You can send pictures to

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