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We’re Moving From California To Kentucky And I Am Trying…

Monique Asked

We’re moving from California to Kentucky and I am trying to find some info on regulations regarding bringing my houseplants to Kentucky. I can’t find anything. Do you know if I am allowed to bring them? I would hate for them to be confiscated at some state border.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Monique in California: The reason it was so difficult for you to find any information in terms of moving houseplants to the state of Kentucky is that there are none! All states have different regulations, and according to the Kentucky’s office of the state entomologist you do not have to have your plants inspected or fill out any type of paperwork before bringing them into Kentucky. If the situation were reversed and you were moving from Kentucky to California where the laws and regulations are much stricter, you would have to go through the process of having your plants inspected. For future reference, this is done within the state where you reside and the paperwork is then given to the entomology office of the state you are moving to. You can read more on this subject at the following Web site:
. If you are not having professional movers bring your plants to your new home, you will want to avoid putting them in your trunk or leaving them in a hot car for any extended period of time. Be sure to water them along the trip and travel safe.

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