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After Years Of Waiting To Move To Kentucky, We Are…

Cathy Asked

After years of waiting to move to Kentucky, we are finally building a home on five acres in Georgetown. Simply mowing the field grass will be fine for much of the property, but we will need to establish a lawn at least on the acre in front of the house. What are our best options for preparing this area for seed? Roundup has been recommended to remove the weeds before seeding. Are there any other, more environmentally friendly, options?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Cathy: This sounds like a big project you have in store for yourself. Roundup may not be the most environmentally conscious option but it really is your best. Trying to kill off an acre with layered newspaper is not feasible or the most friendly choice. Roundup is a chemical application but taking proper precautions will help prevent unnecessary damage. Do not use on a windy day or if there is rain in the forecast. If you were dealing with a smaller area you could use layers of newspaper or cardboard covered with mulch to kill off any unwanted grass. This is a friendly way of preparing a new planting bed, so keep this in mind if you are going to create a garden on this acre. Planting a garden would be a nice addition to your new home and reduce the mowing. For more detailed information on establishing a new lawn in Kentucky, visit
. This is a publication made available to home gardeners from the Cooperative Extension Service in cooperation with land grant universities.

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