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Are The Berries On Bradford Pear Trees Posionous? My Lab…

Bonnie Asked

Are the berries on Bradford pear trees posionous? My lab dog is eating them.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Bonnie: It is this time of the year as the leaves fall from the trees when we notice the small, round berries that ornamental pear trees produce. Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ certainly has its negatives but its berries being poisonous is not one of them. Some trees can produce more than others and, depending on the year, quantity can vary. When these trees are heavily berried they can become messy, and as you have found out they are attractive to birds, squirrels, and other animals. I would not go as far as saying they are a favorite among the animal community, but if they are hungry they will eat them. To answer your question, the fruit on your ornamental pear is not poisonous but I would discourage your dog from eating a large amount of them. In my experience too much of anything will make a dog’s stomach upset. That being said, I am not a veterinarian so you may also want to contact yours to see if she/he has any additional suggestions. The reality of these non-native trees is that they are very short-lived, mainly due to their branch structure. They are notorious for falling during wind and ice storms. I would not be too concerned about the berries but if this tree is planted in a space where your lab plays, keep her indoors during storms.

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