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Can I Move My Knockout Roses In November?

Jan Asked

Can I move my Knockout roses in November?


The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Jan in Kentucky: Late fall through early spring while your roses are dormant is a fine time to transplant, provided the ground is not frozen. The only time you really should not move your roses is during the hotter months of the year unless you are going to be around to make sure they receive sufficient moisture. It is less stressful on plant material to be moved during the cooler months and less maintenance on your part in terms of watering. It is always a good idea to have the new holes dug before you dig up your existing plantings. That way you can get the roots back into the soil as soon as possible. This reduces stress and that is the key to a successful transplant, plus making sure that the newly moved plants have ample moisture. You will want to keep as much of the roots/soil intact as possible. Make sure to use a clean, sharp spade and start digging farther out and work your way in, being careful not to damage the roots. Avoid fertilizing for the first year and remember to treat these roses like any other new addition to the garden.

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