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How Can I Get My Climbing Hydrangea To Bloom? It’s…

Norman Asked

How can I get my climbing hydrangea to bloom? It’s very healthy in a hanging basket every spring but it never blooms.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Norman: When our flowering plants do not bloom it is usually caused by one of the following reasons. Either it is not receiving the proper amount of sunlight that it requires, it is not old enough to bloom, or it is getting too many or too few nutrients. I have to say I have never heard of a climbing hydrangea in a hanging basket. This vine would prefer to have its roots in the ground and a structure to climb on. These hydrangeas can take a few years to produce any blooms. Young vines usually do not have any blooms for the first couple of years. The plant is using its energy to establish a root system. Severe pruning can also reduce blooms. This vine does not require any pruning until it is well-established, and then only to improve light filtration and air circulation. If you are looking for a showy hanging basket with a lot of colorful blooms, you are better off taking a trip to your local garden center/nursery and purchasing a basket filled with annual flowers. I am certain you will find many to choose from.

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