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How Can You Get Rid Of Or Control Unwanted Bermuda…

Don Asked

How can you get rid of or control unwanted Bermuda grass in lawns?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Don: Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) is not a desirable grass and unfortunately it is really difficult to eliminate in our Kentucky lawns. This invasive perennial grass is dormant this time of year; as you will notice it has turned brown so we have to wait until it is actively growing to apply any product that will be effective. Hand pulling this warm-season grass is feasible in a small space or a garden bed but not in a large lawn. Getting to the roots is essential and you may never be totally free of this grass, especially if your neighbors have the same problem, but the idea is just to keep it in check so it does not take over any desirable turfgrass. Bermuda grass is spread by rhizomes and seed so removing/spraying it before it flowers will help reduce future spread. Mowing without collecting the clippings only spreads the problem, especially as the seeds are formed. For now you can hand pull; otherwise wait until new growth begins in the spring when you can spot spray with Round-Up or any other product containing glyphosate. This is a non-selective product, meaning that will kill anything it comes into contact with. It will take several applications to get it under control. Safer brand offers a weed and grass killing product labeled for Bermuda grass that is more environmentally friendly. As with any product, always follow application instructions.

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