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How Do The Charatercteristic Relate To The Amount Of Rain…

Kathy Asked

How do the charatercteristic relate to the amount of rain and sunlight in KY?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Kathy: Our state of Kentucky is considered to have a moderate climate characterized by warm, moist conditions. We typically have warm summers and cool winters. Growing conditions in Kentucky are quite favorable in terms of temperature, moisture, sunlight and soil conditions. Kentucky has characteristics that defines us from different areas and distinguishes us from other places around the world. Even within our state the geography is quite diverse so it is divided into five different regions characterized by land topography and soil type. In general, our growing conditions are similar from year to year but Mother Nature has the final say so in terms of all the elements that make up growing conditions. Some years are cooler than others and others warmer. Same can be said for moisture which is essential for good growing conditions. Some years are dry, some are too wet and if we are really lucky evenly moist conditions persist throughout the year. This is all very general information and taking all of this into account keep in mind that individual plants have different growing requirements so if you are wondering about a specific plant let me know and I can give you more detailed information.

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