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I Bought 10 Roses At A Lowe’s Clearance Section, And…

Yolanda Asked

I bought 10 roses at a Lowe’s clearance section, and all of them are doing great after cutting deadwood and given some TLC. My question is, in zone 9 when can I plant in the ground? They are different sized containers.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Yolanda: It sounds like you have some holes to dig! The sooner you can get your roses in the ground, the happier they will be. The more time they are given to establish their roots and get settled in before the colder weather arrives, the better off they will be. Granted, you are in a much warmer zone than we are here in Kentucky, but the same rules apply when planting. It is certainly a much better option to plant your roses now as opposed to keeping them in their plastic nursery containers during the winter months. The roots will be more insulated and the moisture level will be easier to maintain in the ground. Make sure to choose a very sunny space for your new roses. For best blooms, they require a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight each day. Consider the mature size of the rose when you choose the design. The holes should be dug just as deep and twice as wide as the containers they are currently growing in. Water well and add a thin layer of mulch, no thicker than 2 inches. This will help keep the soil moist as well as work as an insulator during the winter. Avoid fertilizing at this time of the year because it will encourage new growth that can be damaged by frost. Next spring, they will benefit from a side dressing of compost.

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