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I Have A Daisy-loooking Flower That Is Fragrant Brought To…

Valerie Asked

I have a daisy-loooking flower that is fragrant brought to me by a neighborhood child. Also, the red blooming tree I referred to earlier blooms in July. I have seen the plant you are holding in your picture in a much taller form. What kind of plant is it?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello again, Valerie: Daisies belong to a very large family. They are available in many different colors and some are perennial while others are annuals for those of us gardening in Kentucky. As for the tree in your yard that has red blooms this time of the year, I cannot say for sure but it is likely a sumac, more specifically, a smooth sumac (Rhus glabra). This deciduous shrub can reach upward of 15 feet tall. The females produce crimson red berries that can easily be mistaken for a bloom from a distance. Feel free to send pictures to my e-mail or take a sample to your favorite garden center/county Extension office for a positive identification. The plant I am holding is some type of Euphorbia. The succulent was given to me as a gift but I am not certain which species it is. There was no growers ID and the genus is so large I can only speculate as to the specific variety.

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