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I Have A Rose Bush, But It Does Not Have…

Diane Asked

I have a rose bush, but it does not have any blooms on it. It has been planted for about three years, it had blooms the first year, but none since.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Diane: When roses do not bloom it is usually due to lack of sufficient sunlight and/or inadequate nutrient levels. You mentioned that your shrub flowered the first year but has not in the past couple. Is it planted in a space where it gets a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight? Is it receiving less light than the past for any reason? If it is not getting adequate light it will not bloom. Same goes for nutrient levels. Both too little and too much can cause plants not to bloom. This is why following recommended application rates is so important. So these are the two main reasons why roses stop blooming but they certainly have their share of insect and disease problems (some more than others). Does the overall health of the plant look good? If not you should take a sample to your County Extension Service to have the horticulture agent take a look or to a local garden center or nursery that has a knowledgeable staff. You can also have your soil tested through the Extension office. For a small fee they will send it off to have it analyzed and the results will tell you what you need to add to the soil, if anything. The Montgomery County offices are located at 106 East Locust Street in Mt. Sterling. Their phone number is (859) 498-8741.

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